NO Communication - NO Relationship!

No matter what type of relationship you are in and it doesn't matter if you are dating, married or in a platonic friendship, you must talk to each other and care how the other person feels to sustain the relationship.

The lack of communication will end or cause many problems. Couples are living together unhappy and unable to voice their unhappiness to their partner because it will literally generate an argument. To keep peace, he or she walks around withholding all of their unhappiness inside just to keep their partner happy. If you are unable to voice your opinion or tell your mate what he o

r she is doing upsets you, then you are in a useless relationship. A man or woman who doesn't care how you feel is a selfish person who doesn't love you. This person only loves him or herself. How can you come home each day happy knowing your partner is unhappy and you have no remote feelings or regards to their unhappiness?

However, a strong relationship is built on communication. Persons in a strong relationship want to know when you are unhappy, but most of all he or she can sense your unhappiness because of their love for you. This person wants to know how you feel. He or she will turn off the television, silence the cellphone, shut down the Ipad and give you their undivided attention because you are the most important person to him or her.

The lyrics "A House is Not a Home" by Luther Vandross is so true and many couples should pay close attention to the words of the song. If your mate is unhappy there is no way, the home and atmosphere can feel happy. Our homes should be our sanctuary and we should feel peace as we enter the door. It shouldn't be filled with drama and chaos because of the lack of communication. We should feel very comfortable telling our mates whether we are happy, or sad and what he or she is doing is causing our unhappiness and the person doesn't have the right to say that it's not! So many couples would still be together only if they had communicated. Some woman or man lost a good partner because of their stony hearts and selfishness. Just listening and paying attention to your partner's feelings can calm many storms in a relationship. So, couples before you turn a deaf ear to what you call your parnter's nagging, you better listen because one day you'll be singing Keith Sweat's song 'Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda.'

Let's straighten it out!

Alicia Shine

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