Alicia Shine is an author who writes fiction novels. She has also written numerous training courses. Her latest novel, "Social Butterflies" is available in paperback, hardcover, and Kindle format. Alicia has a Master's Degree in Business, is currently working on her Doctorate of Education.


Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Alicia was raised in a home where a strong emphasis was placed on education. As an avid reader, Alicia's mother encouraged her to take up the hobby of reading, and Alicia has fond memories of watching her mother sitting on the front porch reading, an activity that led her to embrace the pleasures of reading herself.


Alicia strongly believes in education, a natural consequence of her upbringing. She firmly believes that education is a major component needed to help reduce poverty in the world today. This belief is partly responsible for her decision to become an author. Led by her desire to help transition the lives of other people through reading and encouraged by her many friends and family members, Alicia has begun her journey as an author.


Although Alicia's novels are works of fiction, they are based upon real-life scenarios that can happen to almost anyone. She strives to make her readers take a second look at their own lives, hoping that she will motivate them to make necessary adjustments to implement change in their life situations so that they can live life to its highest potential.


As part of her goal to be a positive force in helping to promote self-sufficiency in other people, Alicia teaches GED and computer training classes. Her passion to help others make their lives better and their futures brighter is reflected in her friendly smile, her willingness to offer assistance, and her desire to write books that can motivate personal change. She is hoping that her novels encourage her readers to pursue their careers and livelihoods in ways that allow them to realize their maximum potential. Alicia refers to her writing style as one that is "transitioning lives through reading."


Alicia's most recent novel, "Social Butterflies" is designed to keep her readers on the edge of their seats as she takes them along a path filled with the twists and turns as well as a few dark tunnels. Each chapter of the novel explores some emotion, causing readers to laugh, cry, become angry, and find happiness along with the main characters of the book. She hopes that she will have her readers applauding her efforts and clamoring for more as their minds settle down from the emotional roller coaster she has just taken them on in this true-to-life fictional novel.


Alicia loves to craft a story through pen and paper. When she is not writing, she indulges in her hobby of photography.