Is Verbal Communication Amongst Couples Drastically Fading Away

Verbal communication seems almost non-existent amongst couples. Cellphones and computers have seemed to be the choice of communication between many. While sitting in restaurants, I notice couples on their cellphones: texting, playing games, searching the Internet, etc., and the only communication is normally when their ordering their food with the server and once the server leaves the table they return to theirgadgets.

Please don't think I'm against gadgets, I LOVE GADGETS!, but I think sometimes people find it easier to relay their feelings through technology than verbally. Couples can be in the same room or same environment and text each other rather than talking. Don't get me wrong there are times are situations that communicating through technology is better i.e., if you're in an awkward place and you need to be rescued immediately, LOL.

Regardless to how advance technology gets, it will never take the place of a verbal conversation amongst people. Sometimes text can be misconstrued depending on the tone and how the reader reads the message. The simplest message can be taken out of context. It's through verbal communication that we actually feel the tone of the conversation.

There is nothing like sitting with your significant other watching the flames from the candle lights while sipping on a glass of wine talking to each other feeling their vibes and looking into the window of their soul (the eyes!).

I choose verbal conversation any day over communicating via technology!

What about you?

Alicia Shine

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