It amazes me that after all we, African-Americans, have gone through: slavery, discrimination, etc., many of us continue to be divided against each other. Light skin against dark skinned; skinny against plus size, rich against poor, educated against uneducated. The list could go on and on.

Many of us are in careers and financial positions to help each other, but won't. What are we afraid of?

Why can’t we as African-American women stand together by supporting each other in business, education, or just give moral support? We are one of the strongest races of women and no matter the circumstances we excel. But before we compliment another sistah (sister) about her attire, her hair, or her possessions, we won’t say anything, and most times it’s due to jealousy.

If you see one of our African-American sistahs in the street and she’s looking good give her a complement, and tell her how well she looks, or if you see her driving a nice car it’s nothing wrong with saying “Go girl” and it takes nothing away from you.

And what happens when a Black woman get in a career position that gives her power? It seems she’s lost her mind! She soon becomes arrogant, nasty and forgetting that she too faces the struggles that her counterparts deal with on a daily basis. Sometimes she forgets her true color, until she looks in the mirror and realizes that she too is Black!

No matter what we have in life, we are all in the struggle together. We are beaten down every day, especially from some of our African-American brothers who call us everything but a child of God, especially through music; but yet we dance to the music and sing the lyrics using words that demoralize our true character.

African-American women we are strong and we are leaders. Until we as African- American women get together there won’t be a change. The change has to start first within us. Remember give your sistah (sister) a complement and mean it! Also sistahs when you get the complement don’t turn your nose up in the air as to say “Why are you talking to me?” Accept the complement with a smile and pass it on!

Kudos to the African-American women who are secure and confident in who you are and you’re reaching back in the community pulling others to help better their lives!!! My hat goes off to you!!!

What’s your view point on this topic? ‪#‎sistahsunited‬

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