Sheriff Malcolm Blake and his wife, Janae, are upscale citizens of London County, and they have everything in life that they desire, except a baby to love and cherish. Early one morning, after they've waited many years, their lifelong dream becomes a reality when they are notified a baby, Alexis, is available for adoption. They fully accept the challenge of nurturing and grooming her in hopes that she will grow up to be a blended replica of each of them. However, Alexis has no desire to become, what she considers, her parent's puppet on a string, and no matter how many materialistic possessions she is given, she grows up to become an ungrateful, evil, and vicious child.

In another part of town, Tamone (Mona), is released on good behavior after having served eight years of her sentence in a federal prison. Excited and anxious to return to the outside world and reclaim her title as one of society's biggest "Social Butterflies," Mona quickly uses every tactic learned from her mother and

Apple Don't Fall Far From The Tree - Hardback