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The drama continues....

If you had a shelf of DVDs and books, Social Butterflies would fit right in next to Love In The Nick of Tyme, Single Ladies, and Being Mary Jane. And, if you happened to have a time machine, it would also be a serious contender beside Melrose Place for sheer action, intrigue, and karmic payback. Told in a narrative style unique to Shine, Social Butterflies draws you into its world of characters and has you wondering what will happen next to who. (No, I'm not going to give any of the fine twists and turns away--don't want to spoil it for you!) I particularly took delight in the high-octane wedding scene and the scene in the parking lot where the women had their standoff, but overall, the bottom line is, this book is all about karma and reaping what you sow. I look forward to Shine's next book and I want to tell all the producers out there looking to launch a new soap opera to pick up this book and fall in love with this diverse, exciting cast of characters.

                                                                                                     - Wyborn Senna, Author

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